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  4. Friday, 21 November 2014
Attempting use Broadcast with Easy Social integration.

Originally set Broadcast as a default app but users still forced to "install"
When user attempts to set up Facebook, Broadcast then puts them in a never ending loop trying to assign either the profile, page or group to post to.... and never saves the users choice.

Dev error language gives the following errors.

Showing the following errors in Dev debug mode:
Main content area:

Notice: Undefined variable: title in /home/content/28/9871028/html/tzu/media/com_easysocial/apps/user/easysocial_broadcast/views/dashboard/view.html.php on line 47

Notice: Undefined variable: userid in /home/content/28/9871028/html/tzu/plugins/techjoomlaAPI/plug_techjoomlaAPI_facebook/plug_techjoomlaAPI_facebook.php on line 760

Notice: Undefined variable: post_to in /home/content/28/9871028/html/tzu/media/com_easysocial/apps/user/easysocial_broadcast/models/easysocial_broadcast.php on line 69

Easy Social Sidebar:
Warning: Missing argument 1 for Easysocial_broadcastWidgetsDashboard::sidebarTop() in /home/content/28/9871028/html/tzu/media/com_easysocial/apps/user/easysocial_broadcast/widgets/dashboard/view.html.php on line 48

Ticket into support over 24 hours with no response.