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  1. Mel Brum
  2. JGive
  3. Monday, 04 January 2016

I am trying to add 4 additional values to Organization/ Individual Type. So far I have added them to the Language file overrides, but nothing happens. I found this thread produced by 'Mike' ( ) and wondered if it is now achievable in JGive 1.8.5 (which I installed today). I can't see anywhere in Mike's thread on how to apply his changes, or any download link etc.

I can see the new field creator in |Jgive's 1.8.5 backend (great!!!), but this doesn't meet my needs (yet) because we cannot add the new fields to the same section as the current fields, nor can we add it to the filters. So I was wondering if there is now a way to simply update the existing dropdown list for now?

Any help would be appreciated.