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REST Webservices For Joomla

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Webservices are a critical piece in a web application if you want to communicate with other applications. In layman's terms, web services allow various applications to communicate with each other.  Practical examples for use of Web services are Mobile applications that depend on some data from other web applications. For non Geeks, head over to Wikipedia to Understand what REST is all about. Another excellent resource is "How I explained REST to my Wife" to get a low down on what REST is all about. 

Targeted Mainly at developers, this architecture will allow you to easily extend your Joomla extensions & applications to talk with the world ! 
We encourage developers to come forward & contribute any plugins you develop to the project.


The REST API has been made available under the GPL license. If you are interested in contributing, jump in & fork it on GitHub !

Developers - Get It, Fork It On GitHub

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Our initial versions of the API were on an architecture similar to XMLRPC for Joomla 1.5. However, we found that the com_api project was better structured so we forked it & converted all our plugins to the com_api architecture. 

The Latest version of com_api supports Joomal 2.5 & Joomla 3.0.  Get it here on GitHub.
API plugins are available for many extensions including Joomla content, Users, JomSocial, SOBI, AEC, SocialAds to name a few. Get them here on GitHub .
If you are interested in the older XMLRPC like separate application version, you can get it here. Note that we don't maintain that anymore.

Non Geeks - Download The com_api Package

If you are a non geek/ non developer & are just looking for the latest com_api package to use with our of our extensions or Mobile Applications, you can download the latest package here. You might need this if you are planning to use our Reportoise or JTicketing Event Manager IOS & Android Apps. 

Commercial Support & Custom Development

For those who want to start using it right away & want commercial support or need custom plugins or applications developed to use the api in your own unique way, feel free to contact us. We can help you extend this in the best way possible. Contact us today for a discussion

Community Help & Discussions

To help foster a developer community around this project, we have opened up a forum to discuss the REST API Project. Do jump on to the forums !

More Resources

Download the Slides for Joomla Day Thailand & Joomla Day India about this topic here . Or view them 

WorldReal Users

Our REST Api implementation is pretty stable & is being used in several applications. Some of them are listed below. If you are interested in reading some of our more interesting case studies on this, do drop us an email & we'll get back !

  • Reportoise - Ecommerce Reporting application for IOS & Android. Works with several Joomla extensions

  • JTicketing Event Manager's App for IOS & Android

  • Health Care Social Network with API integrations with realtime monitoring systems

  • Agiculture focussed Social Network with several web applications exchanging data

  • Agricultural Warehouse system reporting engine

  • Push to Live for Joomla : Joomla Staging review for content & extension installations, updates & Push to live post review.;

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