Simple, Flexible, Social Multi Vendor Multi Store Ecommerce for Joomla!


Flexible,Social E-commerce for Joomla!


Quick2Cart now works with Joomla 5 and Joomla 4!


Flexible Product Management

Flexible Product Management

Manage your products using Quick2Cart's powerful native product manager Or use a CCK of your choice like K2, Zoo and even Joomla Content articles. Setup product pricing in multiple currencies, manage inventory and more.
Dynamic Store Front

Dynamic Store Front

The Native Product manager comes packed with flexible listing pages, smart filters & search, Product images & videos as well as intuitive product offer displays.

Powerful Promotions

Powerful Promotions

Create Coupons and Promotions to Boost sales. Promotions can include discounts based on Product Combos, Customer Groups, Date based & Quantity based flash sales and more.

Integrated Marketplace

Integrated Marketplace

Create simple single vendor stores or Powerful Multivendor Marketplace with integrated abilities to handle payments, marketplace fees, payouts & more!

Flexible Taxation and shipping

Flexible Taxation and shipping

You can set single taxation and shipping configuration across all the stores, or you can configure different Taxation and Shipping charges for different products and countries or regions.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Multiple Payment Gateways

Quick2Cart uses the Common Payments API. PayPal, 2Checkout,, Alta User Points, JomSocial Points are covered in the support subscription. Stripe & iDEAL are integrated via 3rd Party Developers.

Powerful Administration

Powerful Administration

Extensive features for site admins for configuration, control & compliance.

Smooth Checkout Process

Smooth Checkout Process

Ajax based stepped checkout gives a better shopping experience to the customers.

Social Commerce

Social Commerce

Social Commerce integrations with EasySocial/JomSocial helps you take your marketplace viral with the ability to show Products on User profiles & push product addition and creation activities to user's activity streams

Feature Packed for all your Ecommerce Needs

Quick2Cart is a flexible and easy to use shopping cart with Multi-Vendor, Multi-Store, Multi-Currency, and robust Social Ecommerce Features & the ability to sell physical as well as digital products. With an Intuitive, easy to use interface it has the ability to create marketplaces, manage payouts, and integrate variety of CCKs, Powerful Analytics & reports that makes Quick2Cart extraordinary in the world of Joomla Ecommerce.

5.0.0 Stable
5.x & 4.x & 3.x
Product Management Freedom

Manage your products using Quick2Cart's powerful native product manager Or use a CCK of your choice like K2, Zoo, or Joomla Content articles.

Product Variants

Create products with variants using attributes that affect pricing like T-Shirts.

Product Attributes

Define any number of product attributes with positive/negative price impact.

Attribute Based Inventory

Make any single attribute as stockable to manage attribute based inventory.

Product Import/Export facility for backend as well as frontend

Site admin can easily change the product price, discount price, category ID, minimum quantity, maximum quantity and stock for multiple products using this feature.

Multi Currency Support

Product pricing in multiple currencies and give your buyers the comfort of buying in their local currency.


Digital Products Support

Easily sell digital products like software, music and more on your storefront product page.

Flexible Product Listing Pages

Create Products List page Per Store, Category or Combination of both.

Custom Fields Support

Create custom fields for products on global as well as category level.

Product Images & Videos

Enrich your product landing pages with a video as well as multiple images to showcase it well.

Powerful Product Search

Filter products using text input, fields, categories as well as smart filters based on Pricing, and Product Attributes.

Tags for products

Easily organize the products for the stores with tags in Quick2Cart.

Product Offers display

Display related product offers on the landing page to encourage buying.

Product Search (simple with auto suggest)

Buyers can quickly and easily search for products that they are interested in using this feature and they also get to know regarding the related products that are available in the store.


Toast Messages

Beautiful toast messages are shown to customers when they add a product to the cart. 

Multi Vendor

Create a Multivendor Crowdfunding marketplace where you can allow Vendors to create their own stores & manage their products. Monetize by charging platform fees on transactions.

Fees Management

Define platform level fees as an absolute value, percentage, or a combination of both. Also, define different fees for specific stores if you wish to.

Vendor Customer Management

Store owners can easily manage all customers by accessing their customer data in a single page.

Vendor Order Management

Let Store owners manage their orders of all their stores in one place.

Vendor Dashboards

Extract sales report for a specific date range from the vendor's dashboard.

Cart Level Promotions

Create rules based on items in the value or quantities of items in the store cart.

Product Level Promotions

Create rules based on items in the value or quantities of items in the store cart.

Customer Group Promotions

Create promotions for specific Joomla User group if the customer is subscribed to a certain membership that gets the premium privilege

Category Level Promotions

Create product category-specific promotions and give discounts for a specific type of product. For eg 20% off on Shoes & 10% off on Pantry items.

Quantity discounts

Increase your order value by encouraging buying in bulk by giving quantity based discounts.

Social Promotions

Encourage social sharing of your products by giving discounts to your buyer upon sharing your product on Facebook.

Order Level Taxation and Shipping

Configure a Standard Taxation and Shipping charges across all orders on your site that comply with current taxation norms.

Cart Item Level Taxation and Shipping

Get more flexibility by creating customized Tax & Shipping profiles with different Tax rates and Shipping charges for each product in your store.

Schedule delivery date and time for orders

Buyers can easily choose their convenient time slot for delivery of their favorite products.

Zone Based Taxation and Shipping

You can create different zones for different Taxation and Shipping charges can be applied depending upon the address of the customer selected for the given order.

Shipping Improvement - Buyer Address Pin-code validation and restriction to place order for item level selection

We have provided the configuration for taxes and shipping charges to be applied on order level or item level depending on the selection.

Besides this, we have provided an option to restrict placing order if shipping method is not available for any item in the cart.

Please note that for multi-vendor mode, don’t use order level shipping and taxation.

Multiple Shipping Methods

You can create shipping methods based on product size, weight, and even flat rate shipping.

Online Payment Gateways

-Stripe & iDeal (via Third Party Developer Faster Joomla)

Offline Payment Gateways

-Pay By Check
-Pay By Purchase Order

Points Payment Gateways

-Alpha User Points
-JomSocial Points
-EasySocial Points
Powerful Dashboard

Powerful dashboard for Admin and store owners with stats for orders and other data.

Sales Notifications

Stay updated always when a new order is placed with notifications. It alerts you when a new purchase is been made on your site

Marketplace Fee Configuration

Admin can configure the marketplace fees for the orders placed on the site.

Approval Workflow


Optionally enable admin approval of stores and products if you want to moderate Stores and products on your website
Admin Store Management

Manage stores on behalf of your Vendors from the backend as a special service

Action Log

Logs actions related to stores, products, orders, promotions, and zones, shipping, taxation etc.

Privacy & GDPR Compliance

Process privacy related requests to Quick2Cart for Export and deletion of user data.

Bootstrap 2 and 3 compatible

Use Bootstrap 2 OR 3 as per the template used on the site.

Create orders on behalf of customers

Use manual order creation feature to use your website as a Point of Sales system

Smooth Stepped Ajax based Checkout

The stepped checkout process gives a pleasing and guided shopping experience to the customers.

Guest Checkout

Even the guest users can place orders on the site. Guest checkout can be enabled and disabled from the configurations as per your needs. Stay updated always when a new order is placed with notifications.

Update attribute options during checkout process

The checkout process gives higher flexibility to update the selected attribute and the quantity of the product in the checkout process itself.

Special Instructions & Comments on Orders

Allow the buyer to add comments if they have any specific request or questions while placing the order.

Multiple Address support

Customers can store multiple addresses for billing and shipping purposes and they can use any of the stored addresses for the order.

Pin Layouts for product listings

Pin Layouts with configurable fixed width as well as dynamically adjusted flexible pin layouts available.

Add Product to Cart from List View

Customers can add products to the cart from the list view for a quick shopping experience.

Cart Products Count Module

Shows the number of products added to the cart by the customer as soon as the products are added to the cart.

Cart Module

Configure your Cart module to show cart details in short or detailed summary.


EasySocial apps

Apps to show products purchased or created by the users.

Toolbar/menu integration with Social Extensions

Display JomSocial or EasySocial toolbar on Quick2Cart pages.

Native social notification for Quick2Cart

Get native notifications on EasySocial or JomSocial for product creation and purchases.

Activity stream integration

Activity post for products being created or purchased in JomSocial or EasySocial.


Fashion Stores

Fashion Stores going online need to create Dynamic & visually appealing storefronts with rich product images, videos & powerful filtering systems. Quick2Cart provides a powerful base for creating Fashion marketplaces for global audiences.


Grocery stores need powerful ecommerce features like product attributes, categorization, search, filters & pricing & promotion configurations. Quick2Cart is a great way to take your grocery store online or create a hyperlocal grocery & pantry sales platform.

Food Take out

Food takeout platforms need specific features like single store checkout, intuitive and visual UI, Mobile first UI, Guest checkout and more. Quick2Cart is a great start to create curated experiences for such a use.

Product News

Quick2Cart is backed by our 30-day money back guarantee.
Setup your store and start selling your products to the world.

Quick2Cart is backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. Setup your store and start selling your products to the world.

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All subscription plans are backed by risk-free 30-day money back guarantee. Check our  Refund Policy.

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