Joomla consulting and professional services

Best in class practices and expertise from experienced Joomla Developers who can power up your Projects & Applications at scale.

Joomla consulting and professional services

Best in class practices and expertise from experienced Joomla Developers who can power up your Projects & Applications at scale.

What we do

Joomla! - All-Round Development Services

We help you find endless opportunities by expanding your digital ecosystem
Our Joomla services portfolio serves a very diverse install base. We accelerate the design, development, and deployment of Web Apps, Portals, Intranets, Mobile Apps, and complex Cloud Mashups at scale and or customize to your business requirements in quick turnaround times.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is one of the most popular CMS in the world that is built on a Model-view-controller (MVC) architecture and is based on PHP language. Aadhaar, Ikea, Harvard, MTV, Holiday Inn are some websites that grabbed a lot of fame and are considered popular Joomla Content Management Systems. We endeavor to provide your Business a very similar experience at affordable costs and with never seen before designs and themes. On the good side, with the Joomla CMS, one can leverage the open-source framework as well as thousands of other extensions, plugins, designs, and themes to build dynamic, robust, stable, and responsive websites and applications.

Why is Joomla the right CMS platform for your Online business?

Easy to Use

Joomla is renowned for its simple & easy to use CMS platform that offers powerful creation capabilities that can be customized according to the needs of your business.

Multifaceted Infrastructure

Joomla mainly supports the LAMP stack but it also works well with  PostgreSQL as a database and Windows as a server.


Joomla keeps security as its first priority with regular open-source updates for fixing bugs & improving the website performance


Joomla Ecosystem offers a variety of Templates. Choose Templates that align with your business needs.

Strong SEO

Joomla has its own built-in SEO features to easily optimize SERP ranking. You can easily handle your SEO activities with plugins & extensions to support your idea.


Create a multilingual website with over 70 translation packs to connect with your audience. Language comes easy with Joomla!

What does Techjoomla offer?

Build Powerful & Complex websites

Our Joomla engineers design, build and deliver large-scale Joomla projects. We understand that your requirements are unique and sometimes complex, and our consultants are equipped to deliver on your goals and website performance.

Joomla Ecommerce Solutions

We build e-commerce sites that elevate the customer experience of your online shoppers. User experience is a very critical aspect because website design plays a very important role for shoppers to get a smooth shopping experience. We can help you integrate with different Payment Gateways to provide you a strong e-commerce framework.

Enterprise Application Development Services

Our Joomla experts help build large applications with complex workflows, large-scale databases, SaaS platforms on Joomla, and hierarchical user management.

Your Next Gen Joomla Management Team

Make the most of your Joomla investment. Use our experts to scale your Joomla ecosystem. We implement Best Practices to manage your Joomla sites and provide solid support to anchor your Business model.

Joomla Extensions

Joomla extensions are used to extend Joomla's core features. We develop and customize these extensions to deliver the best user experience for your visitors.

Enhancing performance of your existing Joomla Portal

We enhance the performance of your existing Joomla website with services that range from code optimization, caching, etc.

Joomla Templates

We create visually appealing highly customized UI/UX design templates that align with your brand.

Proactive Website support & maintenance

We provide dedicated web support, upgrades, content updates, and ongoing maintenance. This way you can focus on your business and leave the back end to our team.

Joomla Consultancy

We have been accredited as the Top-notch expert in the Joomla development community. We offer our Joomla expertise to build an effective Joomla development solution.

Our Journey with Joomla

Our Joomla Story started in 2006 when under our parent company Tekdi, we built lot of interesting projects with Mambo which later forked to Joomla.

In 2009, we embarked on a journey to create a community of practice for Joomla users and that meant, we brought together a strong community of more than 100,000 users on the Techjoomla platform with the intent of providing integrators & developers with Plug-in & Play Joomla extensions.

Using the Joomla codebase and our Joomla expertise, we’ve partnered with thousands of clients across the globe to deliver Joomla-based solutions. We offer solutions through our Techjoomla products like JGive, a crowdfunding solution that has helped raise funds for people in need, and Shika, a powerful LMS for e-learning. Our Github repository has 50+ active repos and offers a rich toolset for a variety of use cases from Ecommerce to E-learning & REST APIs to Enterprise Reporting & Dashboards.

Why do customers trust us?

Experienced Joomla Experts

We have a team of software engineers who have worked on complex projects and continue to deliver services beyond the client’s expectations every time.

Latest technology & practices

We focus on updating ourselves continuously with the latest technology advancement and practices to prioritize clients’ current trending demands.

Customized solutions

We believe that every client's business is unique and we offer solutions that align with the client’s branding needs and corporate identity.

Dedicated Support

We support standard SLAs and Best practices when it comes to our Support. Our Support engineers are SMEs in their line of products and continually stay ahead of the curve through ongoing education.

On-Time delivery

Delivery is at the heart of what we do. Every project comes with a deadline and every deadline has a Business impact. We follow the best project methodologies to schedule and monitor deliveries. We agree on project deliverables, milestones and schedules so that we are aligned in terms of expectations and delivery.

Active Members in Joomla Community

We have been very active in the Joomla community ever since the inception of Joomla, in fact right from the Mambo days. Our consultants work on large Joomla implementations globally consulting and supporting some of the most gratifying websites and portals.

Our Opensource Enterprise Framework for Joomla

Over the years we have evolved a suite of opensource products which can help accelerate enterprise projects using Joomla. Here's some of them.

Common Payments API

A unified way to integrate payments into Joomla extensions supporting a variety of payment gateways.

TJ Notifications

A powerful and flexible notifications system supporting email, SMS, push as well as native notifications

TJ Reports

Easily add extensive reporting capabilities to Joomla extensions with this unified reports engine


TJ UCM, our Joomla CCK extension lets you create fully customizable forms (types) having various types of fields.

REST API for Joomla

com_api is an extension that lets you quickly and easily add RESTful APIs to Joomla - for core and any 3rd party extensions.

TJ Dashboard

Utility extension allows you to create configurable dashboards with widgets. Easily add new widgets or modify the presentation of existing ones.

TJ Vendor

TJ Vendor is an infrastructure extension for unified vendor management & payouts for e-commerce extensions.

Hierarchy management

Hierarchy Management is an Infrastructure extension that allows setting up general/context-specific hierarchical relations between users.


Some of Our Joomla Products

Shika - Learning Management System

Shika - Learning Management System

Simplify learning. Build your own learning site and learning app with best-in-class features that can help you model a modern-day online university.
JTicketing - Ticketing for your Events made easy!

JTicketing - Ticketing for your Events made easy!

A feature-packed event booking system with native events manager and integration for Jomsocial Events and JEvents. Also features an Android and iOS app for event organizers. JTicketing also supports online events with the Adobe Connect and Jitsi integration.
JGive - Donations and Fundraising Solution for Joomla

JGive - Donations and Fundraising Solution for Joomla

Start a crowdfunding campaign for a cause, or start a funding marketplace powered with strong functionality and a powerful user interface.
SocialAds - Advertising Solution

SocialAds - Advertising Solution

Powerful Advertising Solution for Joomla with Multiple Ad Types, Targeting Options & Analytics
Quick2Cart - Flexible, Social E-commerce for Joomla!

Quick2Cart - Flexible, Social E-commerce for Joomla!

Quick2Cart is a super flexible shopping cart with Multi-Vendor, Multi-Store, and awesome Social Integrations. Plus, you have the option to use the native Product manager or integrate with CCKs like Zoo, K2, or even Joomla Content.
JBolo - Chat for Joomla!

JBolo - Chat for Joomla!

Create a sense of belonging with the JBolo chat that allows users to talk with like-minded people that have mutual interests. Users can engage in group chats, share emoticons, Send files, and much more.

JBolo adds Facebook and Gmail-like chat design on your Joomla website for an interactive chat experience.
InviteX - Intelligent viral invitations for your Joomla site.

InviteX - Intelligent viral invitations for your Joomla site.

The most comprehensive Invitation system for Joomla with OAuth Contact Import, automated intelligent invites, rich invite content, tracking, points integration, reminders, and much more.
People Suggest - Power up your network

People Suggest - Power up your network

Intelligent and Intuitive Networking suggestions for JomSocial, Community Builder, and EasySocial. Increase your social network by suggesting friends to your friends, meet people you may know, people with common interests.

Some of Our Esteemed Customers

Some of our work with Joomla

Mobile Website and UI revamp for India's Unique Identity Program. Serving 50 million + hits / month

Read about how we helped UIDAI revamp their joomla implementation with a well researched information architecture, better use of custom extensions, more use of core extensions and a modern design.

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Driving benefits to farmers - Digital backbone for an agricultural warehouse

We built a digital platform for an agriculture warehouse company to improve operational efficiency, offer better rates and services to farmers and boost profits by leveraging a warehouse management system.

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