Sunday, 29 March 2015
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Hi everybody,

while Shika is growing and getting better with each update, I would like to share some thoughts about the features, that I suggested and I consider as important. Let me start with the problems, that most (nearly all) LMS have at the moment.

A friend of me bought a language-course a while ago. I know her very well and I have been training with her a lot, so I was very interested in her feedback. The following feedback seems to be the most important one for me:

She was overwhelmed, because after signing in, she had access to "all lessons at once". It seemed to be impossible, to learn "all the content" and this was a demotivating experiance for her. This caused her to pass the course for the next day, the next week, somewhere in future, and she never started. In addition to that, she bought the course as an "subscription-model", so afert she passed it for some months, the subscription was expired and that´s it.

My suggestion, that I already mentioned in the Forum, is to use "Trigger-Points" or "Anchors" and to make it possible to set every lesson and every section publishing relative to a trigger point. Trigger-points can be "subscribed to the course", "accomplished a test" and all other kinds of actions. "Relative" means, that I can set the publishing date relative to a trigger point: "Publish this lesson 7 days after subscription" would lead into a weekly lesson.

This way, the student get´s a clean and easy start, because he is not overwhelmed by too many lessons at once. He also get´s a time-structure. A nice additional feature would be for example a progress-bar (module) that shows, how much is there to go in the recent lesson/section.

But this trigger-points also would catch it up nicely if somebody misses the course for some weeks. While new lessons are not published as long as he doesn´t fullfill the recent ones, there is no "time running out". When he comes back to the course some weeks later, he will not have to recover the "last weeks at once". Because of the triggers the course paused while he was not active, and then he can smoothly get back into the course.

As a next feature I would live to have a "lock-in" for the trigger points. Let´s say for example the trigger is not only "7 days after subscription", let´s say the trigger point is "first monday after subscription" or "1th day of the month". This way, the students would be "grouped together". When there are 100 students signing up for a course during a whole week, they are not evenly shared through the week, they ALL start the same day. This would improve the teamwork dramatically, because I can consider this group as "sticking togehter".
If the homework is to "share your experiance in the forum", the would get the feeling that all students are there in the same timeframe. This is very motivating for students, as they don´t feel "alone in the course", but they have much more the ability to connect with other students at the same level.

So, enough for the moment.
I just wanted to motivate you again on that features. ;)

All the best, Julian!