Monday, 18 November 2013
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long time user of j!mailalert and in the middle of upgrading our website to Joomla 3.2... Time to also get rid of some long outstanding bugs and feature requests:

1. j!mailalert Kunena discuss plugin shows introtext even when introtext is disabled in plugin

Feature requests:
1. j!mailalert Kunena discuss output differs from Latestnews output (introtext)
2. when using Kunena discuss plugin, a new topic is created for every new article: this results in two newsletter items: 1. a new article and 2. a new kunena topic which is technically correct but unnecessary.
3. The topic that is automatically created with the Kunena discuss plugin holds a refference to the article it originated from: [article]xyz][/article]. Therefore the introtext in the newsletter would end-up to be: 'xyz ...'

I recreated the following file to 'sync' the layout of the latestnews part of the alert with the kunena part:
this file solves bugs 1, and feature request 1, 2, 3.

for feature request 2 and 3 also the following file needs to be changed: ./plugins/emailalerts/jma_latest_posts_kunena/jma_latest_posts_kunena.php

What this does is identify a automatically created Kunena discuss topic (replace message text with 'Kunena.Discuss' so when creating the mailalert these topics will be skipped.

I am not a developer so using this is completely for your own risk.
I would love to have these incorporated or reflected upon by a (mailalert) developer,

UPDATE: Hi, was able to attach changed files, also made a small change to handle the case when there are only (one or more) Kunena Discuss topics > display nothing (in previous version it would display the header)