Thursday, 31 March 2022
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Good evening,
perhaps there is a "complicated" problem but I understand not where can be the problem...
But first the facts...
1. your plugin works, on a great number of pages on the site.
2. I need to show every calendar week a pdf file. The 53 files are in a folder and they are named as folow: Woche_01.pdf, Woche_02.pdf, Woche_03.pdf etc, etc
3. To show every week one of theese files I use a php code with the plugin Sourcerer. The code is:

{source raw="true"}

$week = date("W"); // 01 to 53
$text = '<p style="text-align: center;">{pdf=' . $week . '.pdf|100%|980|google}</p>';
$output = JHTML::_('content.prepare', $text);
echo $output;



4. In Joomla 3.10.6 I use Yootheme Pro

Now the problems:
1. If I use in the code


I recive in the element where should be the pdf file a html code (see a screenshot)

2. If I use in code

.pdf|100%|980| google}

(with a space before the word google)
the pdf file will be shown in the element, but not in a whole height of 980 px. I presume only 600 and something px (see the screenshot)

3. If I use in code


the element has a good height but the file is not shown (see a screenshot)

4. if I use adobe in code there will be shown nothing (see a screenshot).

Do you think I make somewhere a mistake. As I said, in a lot of other pages there is no mistake. With the "same" code


Thank you very much indeed for the help,
Marian Boangiu