Tuesday, 30 November 2021
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your pdf embed solution seems efficient.

we are users of joomlatools docman with several thousand pdf documents

we prefer docman over edocman for some habits and interface.

but stiil docman is lacking a pdf viewer plugin whereas edoman has it :

with docman we can use pdf flipbook plugin from plginjar :
the developer made it compatible with docman

we have a question as we prefer a standard pdf viewer over a flipping book

is it be possible with your plugin to embed automatically
any pdf document from docman into their document presentation page ?

i mean for example

embeding this document here :

into this page


and so automatically for all joomlatools docman documents

pluginjar told us this was very easy work and done it. we hold the active license from pluginjar
but still we would prefer a normal pdf viewer over flipping book like your plugin ?

we can agree to pay a subscription for such a plugin or custom work