Friday, 23 September 2016
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The following problem occurs at my site occasionally. I don't know the reason yet.

After some point new emails are sent only to newly added users. The old users are ignored with "No mail content to send" notification. After I simulate the given date for the ignored user ID, the simulation shows that new content. It does help when I Sync all th users with the following options:

  • Show Advanced Sync Options
  • Overwrite Existing User Preferences

I know that I should Sync at some changes. But I didn't do any of the following lately:

  • adding a new plugin tag in email alert template
  • changing default values in one of the plugin's 'legacy parameters / options'

If there is any other trigger I'm happy to remember it. But I would like just to set Sync every time I log in or log off my site... That happenned so many times and some of the users of my small site didn't get the proper messages.