Monday, 17 August 2015
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I'm using Joomla version 3.0.3. When I install SocialAds, the extension appears to install correctly. However when I try to go to the main dashboard or settings, I get an error message like this:

An error has occurred.
1054 Unknown column 'extra_query' in 'field list' SQL=UPDATE `joom_update_sites` SET `name`='SocialAds updates',`type`='extension',`location`='',`enabled`='1',`last_check_timestamp`='0',`extra_query`=NULL WHERE `update_site_id`='13'

I am able to access the other links like Manage Ads and Manage Zones, but there appear to be some bugs in those sections as well.

So far, the solution I've been offered is to update Joomla. However, I am using Joomla version 3.0.3 and the software states it is compatible with Joomla "3.x". It doesn't appear that my issue has anything to do with updating Joomla as the extenstion is supposed to be working with my current Joomla version.

Perhaps there is a configuration setting I need to change? some issue with MySQL settings? Please help!