Friday, 09 August 2013
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Hi there,

As far as I can tell, the current JomSocial plug for mailalerts contains a plugin for the display of events created since the last mail alert was sent out.

Is there any way we can change this behaviour to rather reflect upcoming events.
eg the next 5 upcoming events

This works great for once-off events that we need to tell our members about, but it doesn't work well for scheduled, repeating events.

For example, we create regular weekly events using the Jomsocial "repeating events" option, which means that today we might create 30 new weekly events. My members don't need to know about all of these 30 events. Rather, on each alert, they need to know about the events we are holding in the next two weeks.

This way, we can also use JMailAlerts as a "event reminder" system.