Tuesday, 12 September 2017
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I"m trying to display a course lesson in a page position and do so without that frame that shika puts around the lesson. I have opened the lesson in the front end by going to the course and clicking the lesson. I copy the url then in the back end I create a menu item type = system link, external url. Back in the front end, when I click the menu the lesson opens but does so in a "body only" layout (using a gantry 5 theme). I even specify that the menu item is to open in a specific template style.

Its critical to my application that the front end users do not get the feeling they are taking 'courses' or dong 'lessons'. The learning activities are things like videos, scorm packages from Storyline, and quizzes. I need Shika to track the user progress and to manage the scorm quiz scores.

Anyone have any ideas?