Wednesday, 17 December 2014
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Course Categories, Help
Course Categories should be set by Administrator Only unless override specified in back-end Admin (if you support adding categories by non-Admins in the future).

All Other: Question Categories, Courses, Question Bank, Manage Enrollment, Certificate Template, Coupons, Orders
 -Minimum: Default should be all such content is unique to EACH teacher as they'd generally only be shared among the specific instructor from the same institution or with prior vetting and/or collaboration of a curriculum/grade-level team. LMS for employee, customer, or compliance training may have more opportunities for shared content like this but shouldn't be the default mode because sites may be soliciting content from many non-affiliated entities for varying purposes.

-Innovation: Create a way for collaboration on question banks, Question Categories, Managing Enrollment --- basically everything else. Why do this? Hopefully it isn't all-too-difficult above some tagging of entries to some access list and generating data for display based on this access.

You could call this Teams or Team Training and make it easy to manage or assign training in bulk. Simply assign a course to a team and all members of the team get the training.

Team Leaders
Enable delegation of responsibility by allowing a teacher to promote specified users to Team Leader who can access reports and team management for their team.

One way to implement could be to allow a teacher (the course creator) to select an ES Group (or JS group for those folks) containing users who they want to make a "Team" So if I was in a corporation like Techjoomla I'd create an ES group "Techjoomla January Webinar" and I could specify to TJLMS that I want to see/share Question Categories and the Question Bank with all Team members.

If I was a member of that group, I could help manage the class, enroll users, and create the certificate. When Sagar comes back from his wedding, you can add him to the same Group and he can use the certificate I created when he does the February seminar. He will already see the question bank as well and can use those questions and build from there for the assessments he uses in February.

On the other hand, if I'm selling for non-affiliated freelance coders to have javascript tutorial I don't want them to see other course creator content. It wouldn't make sense for his UI/UX course building to show questions related to Techjoomla's JGive, etc.