Saturday, 01 July 2017
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We are evaluating the purchase of Shika for our eLearning platform for professionals (lawyers, accountants, etc.) we have only 2 questions that are fundamental to deciding:

1 - Is Shika's translation into Italian?

2 - This is more complex, but it is a fundamental condition:
     We have to upload videos in the lesson that the student has to see all the way before they can access a quiz that he needs to complete to go ahead. Our developers have already solved the video problem with video.js so that the student can stop but can not scroll to the end. So at the end of the video, the link to the quiz appears. The question is this: can you keep the quiz hidden or locked until the student has completed the video's viewing? We've seen that you've added the ability to add scripts to javascript and html5, so we believe it's possible, but you have to confirm it.

Thank you for the reply. We are happy and loyal users of Techjoomla because we are using some of its products with great satisfaction. Keep doing this because you are very good.