Version 3.2.2
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2020-02-11 05:30
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SocialAds v3.2.2 changelog:

Bugs Fixed (15):

  • #156585 - Ad widget code contains two question marks(?) in the url
  • #155982 - admin >> ads >> after confirmed the ads the data saved in " Review & Pay" get blank
  • #155917 - Frontend >> If wallet order status is pending still displaying ad on frontend
  • #155818 - Frontend & Backend create ad view Coupon code is applying on total price which is less than or equal to actual coupon price.
  • #155705 - Front end >> ads creation >> Review & Pay :: clicking at " Click here to edit Billing Information."
  • #155694 - Front end >> if "Do you have a coupon?" is check and nothing is filled system should ask to enter coupon
  • #154575 - Invalid URL is accepting
  • #144298 - [Make payment]- User able to make payment without the mandatory field
  • #144090 - [reject ad-backend]- Rejecting Ad without giving any reason..Need validation for rejecting Ad
  • #143204 - [Wallet mode- add payment-frontend]- Shows component name when user redirect to make payment page from ad wallet transaction
  • #141172 - [Create ad/make payment]- Radio button should be pre-selected if admin set single payment gateway
  • #140378 - [Create ad-frontend/backend]- Shows error message on full form of creating ad when the user doesn't fill any mandatory field while creating a new ad
  • #111984 - Offline comment is not displaying any where on the orders view
  • #58727 - Frontend-Make payment view- coupon code use more than Maximum uses
  • #25696 - Show campaign block ..if on edit ad the user has created new campaign

Compatibility at the time of release:

  • Joomla v3.9.x, PHP v5.6.x, v7.0.x, v7.1.x, v7.2.x
  • CB v2.2.1
  • EasySocial v2.2.5
  • Jomsocial v4.6.0

New Installation Instructions:

  • Download the latest version of the¬†JTicketing¬†from the Techjoomla website
  • Install the downloaded JTicketing using the Joomla Extension installer

Upgrade Instructions if you are upgrading from 3.1.x:

If you have not installed the MaxMind's GeoLite2-City.mmdb yet then follow the steps given below.
- 1) Login or create account on MaxMind. Click Here
- 2) Go to My License Key page and create license key if not created earlier.
- 3) Go to Download Files page and download GeoLite2-City gzip file.
- 4) Unzip or uncompress the downloaded file.
- 5) Place the file 'GeoLite2-City.mmdb' to location 'your_domain/plugins/system/tjmaxmind/db/'.