Version 3.1.15
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2019-05-08 05:30
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SocialAds v3.1.15 changelog:

^ Improvements (1):

  • Task #135464 - Security fixes

-Bugs Fixed (9):

  • Bug #137895 - Zone - Horizontal layout - Displaying ads vertically
  • Bug #141173 - [Invoice]- Shows time in UTC format on order invoice
  • Bug #141853 - [Create ad]- Takes extra blank space in the address field while creating a new ad
  • Bug #141190 - Ad emails URL fixes
  • Bug #142640 - [Stripe payment]- Register user redirect to ad order list view when register user make payment through the stripe payment gateway
  • Bug #144010 - EasySocial compatibility issue while creating an ad
  • Bug #144023 - SocialAds config for per day set to 50 but it still takes 20 (which is the default value)

SocialAds v3.1.15

If you are upgrading from an older version, go through the following steps after the upgrade:

  1. After upgrading, go to "Update sites" section in the administrator area
  2. Delete the records that correspond to SocialAds
  3. After deleting, click the rebuild button

SocialAds integration with EasySocial will work with EasySocial version 3.x and ownward