Version 3.1.11
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2018-05-10 05:30
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SocialAds v3.1.11 changelog:

- Bug fixes (4):

#126355 - [Geo targeting]- If the maxmind library already exists on site, it displays function redeclare error
#124313 - Security fixes
#127192 - Target version update issue - Current version is 3.1.9 but it displays 3.1.8
#127256 - While creating ad from frontend, getting 1064 error


SocialAds v3.1.11

  • This is a maintenance release addressing bug fixes for reported issues.

If you are upgrading from an older version, go through the following step after the upgrade:

  1. After upgrading the plugin, go to "Update sites" section in the administrator area.
  2. Delete the records that correspond to SocialAds
  3. After deleting, click on rebuild button.