Version 2.7.3
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2012-04-04 05:30
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Change Log

Bug #10525: Notice: Undefined variable for geo targeting in module
Bug #10887: error for show js toolbar when jomsocial version less than 2.4
Bug #11081: cannot add geo targeting to old ads without geo targeting
Bug #11082: styling for the auto suggest box conflicting
Bug #11295: js conflict in settings view
Bug #11302: language file break
Bug #11329: show ctr as 3 decimal places
Bug #11360: error for lang file on install
Bug #11377: error when nothing is set geo & social targeting
Bug #11380: no conflict used in coupon manager
Bug #11381: add region code for SG in geoipregionvars.php file
Bug #11405: the tr show/hide for geo targeting in settings
Bug #11406: error when 'Geo Options' not selected in settings view