Version 2.6.2
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2011-12-08 05:30
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Task #9147: inclusion of jomsocial toolbar inside SocialAds view
Task #8859: Added language file for Spanish
Bug #8758: language strings missing for AUP points payment
Bug #8763: db error "column not found" when user not logged in
Bug #8764: show output after running the send mail stats cron
Bug #8771: jroute used while redirecting to another view
Bug #8806: unnecessary constant defined in the jma socialads plugin
Bug #8858: Low Balance Mails going out unlimited times
Bug #9023: SEF urls for promote plugins
Bug #9064: Cannot delete unpublished ads from manage ad view
Bug #9079: db error "column not found" when user data found
Bug #9080: php short tag used in group targeting layout
Bug #9088: on manage ad page clicking on create ad button redirects to the same page
Bug #9146: Profile avatar is not shown when a profile is created with Facebook
Bug #9163: guest ads are not shown in mails
Feature #8553: export the data from the dashboard and Ad order to an excel or other format.
Feature #8799: Export Ad order stats for ads into a csv file