Version 2.5.1
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2011-06-23 05:30
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Bugs Fixed / Features Added:


Bug #5256: Lots of Language strings missing
Bug #5499: Warning on loading the paypal view in case of J! 1.6
Bug #5427: warning "Couldn't find constant JPATH_" on installation in J! 1.6
Bug #5446: php short tag used in managezone file
Bug #5456: Administrator cannot create alternate ads
Bug #5457: MySql Error on installation page
Bug #5459: warning error on ad stats page
Bug #5460: the graph for impressions not showing correct stats
Bug #5500: Adshelper Warning msg
Bug #5621: Not able to create new zone when per date pricing is not selected
Bug #5628: Fatal error on adshelper file
Bug #5642: not redirecting to site when payment through Paypal