Version 2.9.20
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2020-09-30 05:30
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Quick2Cart v2.9.20 - Changelog

 This is a compatibility release to support the latest version of TJ-Fields.

 The latest version of TJ-Fields has introduced field-level permissions for the custom fields i.e now you can control who all can set values to the custom fields and who all can see the field values.

 NOTE:- If you are using custom fields for Quick2Cart products then please make sure that you configure the Field Group permissions as well as Field level permissions once you upgrade to Quick2Cart v2.9.20


Quick2Cart v2.9.20 - Release Notes

Compatibility at the time of release:

  • Joomla v3.8.13, v3.9.16
  • PHP v5.6.x, v7.0.x, v7.1.x, v7.2.x
  • EasySocial v3.1.4
  • Jomsocial v4.7.2

New Installation Instructions:

  • Download the latest version of the Quick2Cart from the Techjoomla website
  • Backup your Joomla site using tools like Akeeba Backup before installation
  • Install Quick2cart Stable package. 
  • Go to Quick2cart -> Options -> and save the options.

Upgrade Instructions:

  • Take a backup of any changes you have made to Quick2cart code/language files/view overrides etc.
  • Backup your Joomla site using tools like Akeeba Backup before the upgrade
  • Install Quick2cart latest stable package. 
  • Go to Quick2cart -> Options -> and save the options.

Basic Configuration after installation:

  • Go to Quick2cart option-> set different option according to your requirement and save the component options.
  • Also, Set different ACL permissions for the registered user from Quick2cart option->Permission tab (eg Create, Edit Own, Edit State).
  • Make sure you have enabled "System - Techjoomla - Assets Loader" and set all option to YES. This minimizes the Jquery conflicts.
  • If you are using Zoo component to create Quick2cart products, make sure that you are using the latest zoo version (greater than 3.2.x).
  • Create menu items for all the available menus