Version 2.9.11
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2018-04-20 05:30
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#123830 Use "toast" for showing the message of product being added to the cart for compact design


#120321 Backend :- Extra icon on buttons on quick2cart views
#124837 Backend :- If users have purchased two same items with different text attribute then the attribute value in the order summary is shown incorrect for the second product
#125033 Frontend :- Product page - More than four products are shown under 'People who bought this also bought' tab
#123013 Frontend :- Product pin :- Quantity input box not prefilled for recently bought products display module
#120047 Flexicontent :- Unable to save the item
#124783 Frontend :- Paypal(In case of "Direct payment to vendor") and Adaptive Paypal gateways were shown even if the paypal id was not set in the store

New Installation Instructions -

  1. Backup your Joomla site using tools like Akeeba Backup before installation
  2. Install Quick2cart Stable package. 
  3. Note that, by default, we only enable the commonly needed extensions. Depending on what you are using, enable the needed plugins. The Document below describes the various extensions installed as part of the Quick2Cart package.
  4. Go to Quick2cart -> Options -> and save the options.

Upgrading Instructions -

  1. Take a backup any changes you have made to Quick2cart code/language files/view overrides etc.
  2. Backup your Joomla site using tools like Akeeba Backup before the upgrade
  3. Install quick2cart-2.9.11 Stable.
  4. Go to Quick2cart -> Options -> and save the options.

Basic Configuration after installation  -

  1. Go to Quick2cart option-> set different option according to your requirement and save the component options.
  2. Also, Set different ACL permissions for the registered user from Quick2cart option->Permission tab (eg Create, Edit Own, Edit State).
  3. Make sure you have enabled "System - Techjoomla - Assets Loader" and set all option to YES. This minimises the Jquery conflicts.
  4. If you are using Zoo component to create Quick2cart products, make sure that you are using latest zoo version ( greater than 3.2.x).
  5. Create menu items for all the available menus