Version 1.4.7
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2018-09-26 05:30
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v1.4.7 Changelog:

- Bugs Fixed (9):

  • #134382 Frontend - [JS integration] Recommend friends plugin - If S3 is configured to store user avatars then the wrong link is for user avatar is sent in the recommendation email
  • #134381 Frontend - [JS integration] Recommend friends email - No link to user profile from the user avatar in the recommendation email
  • #134447 Frontend - [JS integration] Shows HTML as text if user enter value of field containing double quotes
  • #134553 Frontend - [CB integration] Shows notice on edit suggestion popup
  • #134452 Frontend - [CB integration] Shows warning on the module
  • #134450 Backend - [Module - CB integration] UI/UX defect in CB config tab
  • #134516 Frontend - [Edit user suggestions] UI improvement on the layout to set user suggestion preferences
  • #134441 Frontend - [Module - Matching fields] Shows text "Array" on the matching fields in the module
  • #134511 Backend - [Package installation]- Shows notice after installing the package

People Suggest v1.4.7

PHP 7.2 compatibility release and some bug fixes

This version of People suggest is compatible with EasySocial v2.2.4, JomSocial v4.5.8, Community Builder v2.2.1

NOTE: After updating the extension you will need to reconfigure the extension as we have moved the configuration settings to Joomla config view.

Follow the path given below to configure the extension 

backend -> Components -> People Suggest -> Options

NOTE: To use "Community Builder" Integration with people suggest you need to change the storage engine of table '#__comprofiler' from 'InnoDB' to 'MyISAM'