Version 2.5.1
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2019-08-05 05:30
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Changelog for JTicketing v2.5.1

Compatible with Joomla! 3.9.8, PHP 7.0.x, 7.2.x (at the time of release)

-Bugs (26)

  • #148626 UI issue with event and checkout consent checkbox.
  • #148676 Media library issue
  • #148523 Send payment directly to vendor account configuration is not working and getting an error in PayPal while doing payment
  • #148496 Add back and update links in the checkout flow.
  • #148358 Frontend and backend language hygiene changes
  • #147996 Update media files version as per the current version of JTicketing
  • #148131 JomSocial - Order checkout - In event details blocks, wrong event time get displayed
  • #147583 [Media gallery-event detail view]- Shows media gallery pictures & venue gallery pictures in one slideshow
  • #147580 [Online event-frontend]- Shows warning when a user cancel creating a new venue
  • #147578 [Online venue-frontend]- Page should scroll up after selecting adobe connect as an option by users. as adobe connect form is open at the top of the page
  • #147193 Correctly handle 404 pages.
  • #147138 Organizer detail tags in invoice Emails are not getting replaced for on after buying an event.
  • #146739 Waiting list >> back end >> dropdown options should not hide when clicked at status.
  • #146619 [Attendees-frontend]- All data should be aligned.
  • #146539 My ticket bought >> attendee >> name should be in the proper place
  • #146471 [Single ticket checkout-frontend]- Tooltip is missing for view ticket button
  • #146246 Event detail page >> displaying error popup on clicking at Like and dislike
  • #146198 [Event creation page] for Event Location field strike symbol is missing
  • #145955 [attendees-frontend- Mobile]- UI defect for attendee field popup & print invoice popup
  • #145923 [Event detail view-attendee tab-frontend]- UI defect for \show more\" button on ja_events template"
  • #145857 [JA events template-Event detail view]-Page is not getting scrolled to the map view when user click on \View map\" link"
  • #145327 [Event detail page]- No need to show \Show more\" button on attendee tab if the record is not found while searching the attendee"
  • #145247 [Book ticket]- UI/UX defect for book ticket button tooltip
  • #144787 [Media gallery & venue gallery-frontend]- Shows combine slideshow of media gallery & venue gallery when the user open any image in the slideshow
  • #144470 [Event detail view-frontend]- Post Activity field accepts space
  • #138492 EasySocial integration - On after EasySocial event ticket purchase - Add ticket buyer as attendees for the event - is not working.

JTicketing-2.5.0 - Release Notes

Special Announcement:

This release has bug fixes reported by customers and the overall improvements in the last major release 2.5.0.


If you are upgrading from version 2.4.x or smaller, this release will break your order view and JTicketing module HTML override. If you have template overrides, please change those to new HTML

Compatibility at the time of release:

  • Joomla v3.8.13, v3.9.x
  • PHP v5.6.x, v7.0.x, v7.1.x, v7.2.x
  • CB v2.2.1
  • EasySocial v3.0.2
  • Jomsocial v4.6.0
  • JEvent v3.4.50

New Installation Instructions:

  • Download the latest version of the JTicketing from the Techjoomla website
  • Install the downloaded JTicketing using the Joomla Extension installer

Upgrade Instructions:

Note: If you are upgrading from JTicketing version older than v2.0, read the following notes:

  • Take a complete backup of your site using tools like 'Akeeba Backup' before installing or upgrading.
  • Since we have moved all media assets (css, js, images etc) to media folder, please backup your CSS / JS file changes, if any, before upgrading.
  • Install JTicketing 2.0 - To upgrade to this version, need to click on JTicketing Dashboard - Migrate-Data (For TJVendor and image migration)
  • Install JTicketing 2.1 - For Notification templates
  • Download the latest version of the JTicketing from the Techjoomla website
  • Install the downloaded JTicketing using the Joomla Extension installer
  • After installation/upgrading configure JTicketing options once.

Follow this If you are upgrading from the previous major version i.e. v2.4.x of JTicketing

  • Make sure you take a complete backup of your site using tools like 'Akeeba Backup' before installing or upgrading.
  • Download the latest version of the JTicketing from the Techjoomla website 
  • Install the downloaded JTicketing using the Joomla Extension installer

For more details read Installation and upgrade instructions