Version 2.4.4
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2012-05-19 05:30
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Whats new in this release -

Admin -> Mange Alerts view
* Admin can now publish/unpublish alert types (Emails will go out only for published alert types)
* Admin can check & set/unset an alert as "default for new users". So that when a new user registers to your site he/she will be automatically subscribed to all the alerts that are set as default.
* Admin can see:
- Total number of users who have subscribed to corresponding alert
- Total number of users who have un-subscribed to corresponding alert
- Total number of users who never opted-in to corresponding alert

Admin -> Sync view
Added a checkbox to let admin FORCE "Resync" the users who have unsubscribed to one or more alerts

Admin -> Mange Users Subscriptions view
- Admin can now edit / delete / create new user subscription for any user for any alerttype from backend.
- Admin can quickly preview how an email will look for a particular user for a particular alert

Admin -> Health Check View
- You will find a health-check for all basic and required settings for jmail alerts.

Plugins in general-

Now, you can easliy use any of the J!MailAlert plugins with other components like EmailBeautifier and Invitex to enrich the email content.

NOTE: all free and paid plugins with version 2.4.4 will ONLY work with component version 2.4.4

This version brings a lot power for admins.