Version 3.2.5
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2015-10-26 05:30
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v3.2.5 Changelog:
Features Added (4):
+ #55122 Add JBolo chat module to control on which pages chat is shown
+ #48309 Easysocial group integration for group chat (New Easysocial Groups App for JBolo)
+ #23238 JomSocial group integration for group chat (New Module - JBolo Group Chat Module)
+ #17990 Add support to add more smileys - use emoji
Bugs Fixed (5):
- #58147 Don't allow sending chat messages in a group chat if there are no other active members in the chat
- #47232 JBolo loads base css, js even if user is not logged in
- #47230 JBolo theme changer module shows JS error if JBolo is not enabled
- #47229 When badwords filter text is set to blank all chats are replaced with '***'
- #45485 Can not download .txt files sent via File Sharing in chats
Other Improvements (4):
^ #55563 Add news and attribution tabs on backend dashboard
^ #40270 Add option and ability to hide Jbolo chat on mobile/tablet devices
^ #17977 Joomla updater & live update support
^ Move all media assets to media folder

JBolo version 3.2.5 

  • Make sure you take a complete backup of your site before installing or upgrading.
  • Since we have moved all media assets (css, js, images etc) to media folder, please backup your CSS / JS file changes, if any, before upgrading.
  • After installation / upgrading configure Jbolo options once.

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