Version 3.2
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2015-04-10 05:30
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v3.2 Changelog:

Features Added (4):
+ #36356 Sync JBolo group chats with Easysocial conversations (*Experimental feature)
+ #35121 Sync JBolo group chats with Jomsocial conversations (*Experimental feature)
+ #32623 Sync JBolo 1to1 chats to Jomsocial conversations
+ #29561 Sync JBolo 1to1 chats to EasySocial conversations

Bugs Fixed (6):
- #41792 Facebook theme: Show usernames against messages in chat window
- #40820 Link names to user profiles in the participants list for group chats
- #40573 The user status message gets displayed in group chat window userlist if user logs out and logs in again
- #40456 Increase the font size of offline message
- #40455 Upload file -> Icon not shown for for success text so text is misaligned
- #40448 File download should start with the same window.

Other Improvements (4):
^ #42234 Show complete status message on mouse-over an username in the chat-user-list
^ #40454 UI changes in chat history window
^ #40436 Rearrange config options in more logical groups
^ #37009 PHPCS fixes

JBolo version 3.2 gets you the most awaited feature of message synchronization with EasySocial & JomSocial. Users will be able to see their chats on the messenger and in the message inbox just the way it happens on Facebook!

* Make sure you take a complete backup of your site before installing or upgrading.
* After installation / upgrading configure Jbolo options once.

Read Installation and upgrade instructions 

Read How to setup messages synchronization with Easysocial or Jomsocial