Version 3.0
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2016-09-12 05:30
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v3.0 Changelog:


+ #85643 Bootstrap 3 support
+ #83391 SMS Horizon Plugin for SMS type plugin
+ #27705 Quick Invitations Module
+ #13801 Option to only allow registration using invited Email Address


- #56595 Backend : view config - If URL shortening is turned ON and API key is not provided then don't allow to use URL shortening
- #52081 Backend : In pie chart for invitations show counts of only enabled plugins
- #88140 Backend:- Invitex config :- Integration Tab :- Extra space above "Google Analytics Settings"
- #88074 Frontend:- Update page title for "Resend Invites", "Email status", "Invite via URL stats" views
- #88069 Backend :- View - Dashboard :- Use Copyright symbol
- #88061 Frontend :- View - Invite Stats :- Not register filter is not working
- #88059 Frontend :- All view menus :- If user is not login and click on menu then redirect them to login page.
- #87995 Frontend :- view Invites (Original InviteX look and feel)- Invite button and cancel buttons are sticking to line below
- #87990 Frontend :- view Invites - Invite Sms :- For guest invitation without entering the captcha guest is able to send invitation.
- #87889 Frontend :- View Send Invite :- Improvements needed for responsive layout
- #87668 Backend :- Invitation Types:- Delete Button:- Language constant missing
- #87424 Frontend :- View Send invite :- Upload Csv :- message for wrong file upload is not shown in warning alert.
- #86556 Backend :- SQL- 0000 error on dashboard and inviters view
- #84849 Activity Stream :- Unwanted Activity stream pushed for "0" invitations sent
- #83681 Frontend :- Error for invalid e-mail breaking CRON execution
- #82939 Frontend :- View - Namecard - Radio button should not be displayed with name card on site where name card is shown
- #82733 Name card not working on other sites
- #79641 Frontend :- View invites - When guest invitation is turned OFF then user is not able to unsubscribe
- #77359 Frontend :- view invites :- on mobile hide facebook invitation
- #71071 Invitation as part of registration not working with jomsocial(14480)
- #68862 Invite URL in widget code is not SEF
- #68696 Frontend :- File not found error message in console (14395)
- #59345 Yahoo api plugin not working.
- #59207 Frontend:- For twitter plugin:- On Invite friends view after page refresh notice occurs.
- #51404 In task bar Language constant missing for invites view.
- #51403 Language constant missing at installation page.
- #42666 Allow accepting Manual Emails, when user click on "Send Invite" button

With InviteX 3.0, we’re introducing some cool new features which makes this extension more flexible. Please refer the release notes for this.

To work with different Bootstrap versions (2.x or 3.x)

 Go to InviteX Back-end-> Options->setting Tab and read the "Setup Instruction" link which is provided for option "Working with different Bootstrap versions".

Also we have introduce common SMS plgins in InviteX using which you can send SMS invitations.

Please read the documentation Here