Version 2.9.8
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2015-07-08 05:30
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Changelog for v2.9.8:
Bugs Fixed:
- #49161 Frontend: Load Easysocial language file in invitex for Easysocial tool bar
- #48426 URL of images in Email should not be shortened when we use URL shortening
- #48418 Invitex Content plugin for Custom landing page affects other joomla articles
- #48135 Fatal error while importing Gmail contacts when Invitex integration is set with CB
- #47746 View: config layout: templates -> Automated Intelligent Invites tags descriptions are hard coded
- #47351 View: templates -> Text for AVATAR description need to be changed
- #47179 Messaging -> Unable to read friends name while sending inviattions to friends on site
- #47177 Manual invitation -> text box get cropped
- #47176 Search box and search icon get messed up with eachother on "invitation stats" page
- #47175 Manual invitation -> If email address provided is lengthy, it gets cropped
- #47103 Lang constant missing -> Hard coded name present
- #45567 Undefined variable notice on invites page
- #44602 Wrong tab highlighted for all themes(original invitex, Facebook, and black and white)
- #37966 Sql error for invitation type for ES groups
- #30492 Sign up link not working for "invite via url" for custom landing page
- #30392 Custom Invitation landing page not working leading to 404 error
- #12377 Change language constant "supported domains" to "Allowed domains"

InviteX v2.9.8
This is a maintenance release which contains 15+ bug fixes.


  • Since LinkedIn has restricted access to their APIS from May 215, we are dropping support for LinkedIn API plugin.
  • We are deprecating Easysocial APPs from this version, those will be eventually removed in future version