Version 2.6
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2013-01-15 05:30
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Tasks and Features implemented-

  • 13339 Feature Implement Facebook Request dialog for TechjoomlaAPI Facebook plugin
  • 11989 Feature Send automated intelligent ' You have friends on site' type Email Invites.
  • 11990 Feature Google Analytics Support for Invites
  • 13798 Feature Let admin decide the order in which Invitation methods will appear in frontend.
  • 13802 Feature Ask user to "Resend" Invites to previously Invited Email Addresses
  • 12562 Task add [INVITER_NAME] and [INVITER_UNAME] tags to show Inviter name or Inviter Username in the Invitation
  • 12474 Task Do not show Invitaion stages on Invites stats,Invites by URL stats and resend page, it's confusing

Bugs Fixed-

  • 12717 Bug Show full message of registration process after clicking on "Skip" link on Invitex when "Invitation as a part of registration" is set to "Yes".
  • 13494 Bug TechjoomlaAPI LinkedIn plugin :Contacts not getting imported using newly created app keys
  • 14808 Bug Error "Unknown path components: /friends&limit=20&offset=0" while importing contacts using TechjoomlaAPI Facebook plugin
  • 14184 Bug "Invitex during registration" is set to "no",CB Registration still showing Invitex
  • 13683 Bug "
  • " tags getting added after sign up,unsubscibe and join link in the invitaion email
  • 13603 Bug If integration is with CB,the profile images are not shown up in the namecard
  • 13408 Bug Clicking on the tabs given on the left does not changes the content on right.Only manual is showing up for all providers
  • 12942 Bug When "Look and feel" is set to "new" , if "Manual" method is not selected in the list of "Allowed Invitation methods:"in backend config,still "Manual" is always shown on frontend
  • 09516 Bug No Language constants for "Registration is on invitation only. You cannot register without an invitation!" and "Invite your friends and start building your network!"