Version 2.3.2
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2012-02-13 05:30
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#10015  Backend Pagination and filters are not working[Fatal error: Can not access empty property in / home / xxxxx / xxxxxx / libraries / joomla / registry / registry.php on line 320]
#10238  No tracking of the Invites sent using "Inviation via URL".
#10239  When we try to invite a blocked email, should see an errormessage but there is no message, in step 2 are no emails then.
#10236  No automatic widget generates,when we create new Invitation type in backend.
#10237 Invitex not adding points to the Inviter and Invitee if Invitee accepts the Invitaton sent using "Inviation via URL"
#9516    Language strings missing.


 #10240 Native joomla SEF Urls support EVERYWHERE.
 #10241 Invitex compatible with sh404sef