Version 2.3
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2011-11-22 05:30
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Bug #8736: The Name of the site is not showing as subject, It's showing only: Invitation from site H
Task #8915: structural change in the pm sending
Task #8921: Url Shortening function, Call it Just before Message is Sent
Feature #8922: JomSocial tool bar inclusion (Config Option : Show JomSocial Toolbar in invitex in case of JomSocial Integration)
Task #8923: PM template without Replacers
Bug #8943: Getting Fatal error in Message Preview
Feature #8945: Send invites via facebook
Feature #8946: Send invites via Orkut
Feature #8947: include invitaion using URL
Task #8948: show a different view for invitations sent using URL