Version 2.0
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2011-04-19 05:30
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Task #4416: Only 1 layout file for send invites page
    Task #4417: Allow sending friend request to people who are already registered
    Task #4493: Single form for all types of import mechanisms
    Task #4537: API - Show all contacts preselected
    Task #4538: Show default message in the message box
    Task #4539: Limit the number of times any user can receive a message from API
    Task #4584: Save only inivtee id instead of email & refid
    Task #4585: Backward compatibility with old invitex
    Task #4586: Admin - Update statistcs view to reflect new table design
    Task #4587: Frontend - Update statistcs view to reflect new table design
    Task #4588: Invitex flow testing
    Task #4658: geting set of errors when one try to import contacts from gmail
    Task #4788: Notices in latest version.. when you are trying with Ymail & there are no contacts..
    Task #4793: Layout of API view needs changes & related bugs
    Task #4795: The imported contacts view does not look good
    Task #4796: Message preview window issues
    Task #4797: Errors change view on which we are
    Task #4798: Default image in case of no image in case of API needs to look better
    Task #4799: Do you think LinkedIn Contacts ( API) need a vertical scrol ? Page becomes very long
    Task #4800: HTML Preview is shown for the API method & the SocialNetworks import should be text preview as per template in admin.
    Task #4805: Add option in admin config to chose Invite Methods
    Task #4806: Database error with Debug on in Invitex Admin
    Task #4808: Ordering Change & new options in Configuration in Invitex
    Task #4809: Database error on Invitex Stats with Debug on
    Task #4814: hide social networks from menu if NO such plugin (apis) installed
    Task #4821: install plugins via common installer (i.e. install while component)
    Task #4828: Get avatar changes
    Task #4838: Invitex menu header in Joomla 1.6 create menus is in small case.. should be in sentence case
    Task #4839: Joomla 1.6 Invitex Menus in admin are all small case.. should be sentence case..
    Task #4840: Joomla 1.6 By Default all options for invite methods should be checked..
    Task #4848: joomla 1.6 --Statistics tab gets stuck on requesting from even when there is no data. Charts should be rendered only where there is data
    Task #4851: joomla1.5 Need to include the JomSocial Menu plugin in the Joomla 1.5 package in case ppl use lower than JS 2.2
    Task #4852: Joomla1.5 Extra layouts available when creating in menu for invitex . need to overide using a metadata.xml
    Bug #4818: Cookie path in invitex config should be set to Joomla temp folder path
    Bug #4841: Joomla 1.6 By default in config, Invite only registrations should be "No"
    Bug #4843: joomla 1.6 .. Save & close is only saving.. not closing
    Bug #4844: joomla 1.6 Close button in config view (admin) is not working it saves instead of closing
    Bug #4866: Plugins say installed Z& published in installer but are not published..
    Feedback #4846: joomla 1.6 In Social Network Template do ' need three \\\ before them or is it a mistake ? : "If you don\\\\'t wish to "