Version 1.5
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2021-09-27 05:30
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Shika v1.5 Changelog:


172109 Historical data import (Update course track and lesson track).
173232 Allowed support for custom fields in manage enrolment view and updation of start time and end time in course track through CSV import.
173214 Introduced access level for course subscription plan.



175086 Backend >> Courses >> view report >> remove attempt_state column.
175002 Frontend >> lesson is not getting launch when playlist is switched ON.
172898 After completing the course even if certificate is added afterwards to the course, user should get new certificate.


Shika v1.5 - Release Notes

Compatibility at the time of release:
  • Joomla  v3.9.0
  • PHP  v7.0.x, ​​v7.1.x​,​v7.3.x​
  • EasySocial v3.1.9
  • Jlike 3.0x

​​New Installation Instructions:

  • Download the latest version of the Shika component from the Techjoomla website.
  • Install the downloaded Shika component using the Joomla Extension installer
  • Once you have installed the latest version, browse to the Shika Dashboard and click on “Migrate Data”
  • Save Shika configuration before using media with questions.
  • Enable fileinfo php extension in your server, If you face any issue with media upload.
  • After Shika​ is updated​, you will need to add zip ​extension in the list of "Legal Extensions (File Types)" in Media component. To do this, go to Administrator >> Content >> Media>>Legal Extensions (File Types)​>>Add extension​

Upgrade Instructions:

Follow this If you are upgrading from any v1.3x of Shika 
  • Make sure you take a complete backup of your site using tools like 'Akeeba Backup' before installing or upgrading.​​
  • Download the latest version of the Shika from the Techjoomla website 
  • Install the downloaded Shika using the Joomla Extension installer
  • The size of the package is about 20MB. Make sure the upload_max_filesize and post_max_size variables in php.ini file are set to the greater value than the package size.
  • After updating Shika, you will need to add zip files in the list of "Legal Extensions (File Types)" in Media component. To do this, go to Administrator >> Content >> Media>> Add desired extension and save