Sending Ads in Emails

Sending Ads in Emails using J!MailAlerts, Invitex & Email Beautifier

Ads created via SocialAds can be sent via Emails generated in J!MailAlerts, Invitex and Email Beautifier.

In order to show Ads in Email, we need to use the new Data tag functionality in J!MailAlerts Invitex and Email Beautifier.

Also the SocialAds plugin for J!MailAlerts should be installed & configured.

The Data tag for SocialAds is as below


In the Data tag, you need specify

a. The Zone ID ( You can find this in the Zone Manager) as shown above

b. The number of Ads you want shown as 'num_ads'

c. Setting create=1 will show the create Ad link

You can also opt not to pass any params at all. In that case default params set in the plugin configuration shall be used

You can use this tag for as many times in the newsletter as needed in the appropriate positions configuring it with the correct zone id. That's it ! Now even your emails shall be monetized ! Ads in Emails support impression & click tracking just like your regular ads !