Multi Site Ad delivery

How can this be done?

In SocialAds, you can create different types of zones. For instance, if you have a module position on your site which would be great for a banner, you can go ahead and create a zone such that it can accept image ads of the dimension of say 680X120 px. If you want to show ads created in this zone on other site, then from zone view go to the widget tab and you just have to copy the script code given on right hand side and paste in the HTML page or module of the other site.

You can customise the widget script by using the settings given on the left hand side of the widget tab. You just have to change the settings you require. The script will take the changes dynamically, you don’t have to save the changes.

Get the Ad widget code

  1. Number of Ads : Enter the number of ads you want to show in the Ad widget.
  2. Rotate Ads : If set Yes, the Ad shown on page load will be replaced with other spare ad after the time set for Ad rotation delay.

  3. Rotation Delay : Time period for which Ad should be on the page: Suppose this is set to 10. Then After 10 second of page load, 1st Ad will be rotated. Then the 2nd ad shown will be rotated after 10*2 i.e. 20 seconds.

  4. Randomise Ads : If set Yes, random ads will be shown in the widget

  5. Iframe width : Width of the iframe in which ads will be displayed in the widget.

  6. Iframe height : Height of the iframe in which ads will be displayed in the widget.

  7.  Seamless : This is used to have the iframe look like it is a part of the containing document (no borders or scrollbars)


In Socialads you have different types of targeting (like social targeting to target the people from their social profile, Geo targeting to target the people by their country, city and region and the contextual targeting in which you can add the word and show the ad if the page consist of the that targeted word).

In the multisite ads feature you can use social targeting if you've another site having extensions such as JomSocial, EasySocial or Community Builder.

Settings for ad widget code



  1. If you are using a Content Security Policy on the site that displays the ad, make sure that the policy allows loading iframes from the site on which Social Ads is installed.
  2. In case you have added a X-Frame-Options header on the site that has Social Ads installed, make sure you update the header accordingly.