Installation and Upgrades

Please ensure that your environment supports the minimum requirements to install SocialAds before proceeding.

Downloading SocialAds

If you have an active support subscription at Techjoomla, you should be able to download the required packages from the ‘Paid Downloads’ section on the site. Please ensure that you download the latest available package


Installing SocialAds for the first time

SocialAds features a single package installer that will install all required extensions and supported libraries on your site. The ‘What’s in the package’  article details all the contents.


Once you have downloaded the package from the Techjoomla site, you can install it using the regular Joomla installer in the backend. In case this is the first time you are installing a Joomla extension, you can refer the detailed installation instructions on


Upgrading SocialAds

Upgrade by installing a new Package

Upgrading SocialAds is very easy as it's offered as an install to upgrade package, which means that just installing a new version will upgrade your instance.

Upgrade Instructions to Install SocialAds on versions 3.0.10 or lesser

Before upgrading SocialAds from the version 3.0.10 or lesser.Please make sure you noted down settings you did in SocialAds settings view.

Since we did a big rewrite for SocialAds, you need to reconfigure it and these noted settings will help you to reconfigure.

Using Auto Update

You can also choose to do an over the air upgrade using the Joomla Update Manager. In order to do this, you need to ensure that you acquire your ‘Download Id’ from the ‘My Addon Download Ids’ under the user menu. Once you get it, go to the ‘Options’ menu in the top right corner in the SocialAds component. Here look for the ‘Live Updates’ tab and enter the download id in the field given.

Installing Skipped Packages

The SocialAds installer is an intelligent installer and will only install required packages. For instance , if you do not use Sh404SEF on your site, the installer will skip installing the sh404sef plugin. Look for such messages in the post installation screen.


In case you need to install any of the ‘Skipped’ packages later, please follow instructions given below.


  1. Download the latest SocialAds package from

  2. Unzip the Zip file. Here you will find Zips of the individual packages.

  3. You can choose what packages you need from the same and install them as normal Joomla extensions.