Ad Display and Media settings

Ad Display and Media settings

Configure ad display settings from component configuration options.

Ad Types Allowed - There are 3 types of ad you can create in SocialAds

  1. Text and Media - User can add text as well as media files (Image, GIF or video) while creating an ad

  2. Text - User can add text while creating ad

  3. Media - User can add media files (Image, GIF or video) while creating an ad


For Ads Only Via Promotion Plugins - Users to use promotion plugins only & disable advertising any general links.

The Promote plugins allow your advertisers to easily promote content they already have on your website. The following promote plugins are currently available.

  • Promote CB Profile plugin

  • Promote JomSocial Events plugin

  • Promote JomSocial Profile plugin

  • Promote JomSocial Groups plugin

  • Promote Sobi Item plugin

They will also suggest an Ad for the content that the user selects to promote by prefilling the ad with selected content. For instance, the JomSocial Groups Promote plugin will populate the ad with the group logo, Title & first few characters of the description.

Show Advertisers Their Own Ads? - If you set this to 'Yes', ads are shown to ad creators but in that case impressions/clicks are not lost. NOTE: The ads targeted to the advertisers will be affected if set to 'Yes'.


Show Registration Form to Guest Users? - Show registration form when a guest user click create ad link. After registration redirect back to create ad view.


Non Editable Ad-type & Zone - When users click the create ad link against a specific zone, don't allow them to change it when they are creating an ad. It will still allow change if you create ad via a direct menu link.


Display Estimated Reach Count of People - Show estimate reach of users when creating/editing an ad


Estimated Reach Offset - This is the count which will be added to the estimated reach of users when creating the ad


Ad Media Settings

Path for 'Ad Media Files' Folder - Enter the path to the images folder relative to the 'root/images' folder of your webspace. This is where ad media files i.e. images and videos will be stored.

Note: Do not start the path with a slash!


Set Maximum Allowed Media Size(in KB) - Specify the media size in kilobytes, which will be the maximum size allowed to upload media for an ad.


Allow Flash Uploads? - Allow to upload flash(swf) files when creating ads.

Allow Video Uploads? - Allow to upload video when creating ads