Using SCORM Content developed using iSpring with Shika

ispring logo 1640x414Shika supports SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 out of the box. Technical specialists at Shika and iSpring have specifically conducted compatibility tests to ensure all the key functionality in iSpring courses can be experienced in Shika. For more information about Shika and iSpring compatibility, visit Shika and iSpring Compatibility page.

About iSpring

Developing e-Learning content has never been so fast and easy! With iSpring authoring tools, you can turn your PowerPoint presentations into supercharged e-courses in a snap. iSpring authoring tools not only preserve animations, triggers and timings of PowerPoint presentations but also allow to enhance them with different types of interactive activities.

With iSpring TalkMaster, design interactive dialogue simulations to train your employees' communication skills in a safe environment. With iSpring QuizMaker, creating interactive quizzes is faster and easier than ever before, thanks to the new visual question editing mode. With iSpring Cam, record “how to” tutorials and insert them into your courses or publish directly to your YouTube channel.

You can find all these features and many more in iSpring Suite 8, a powerful toolkit for e-Learning.