How to upload a large SCORM in LMS

Upload Large SCORM Lessons:

If you want to upload files which are larger in size for example in GBs then follow the given steps. 

  • Unzip the SCORM file, note that it will have a file named imsmanifest.xml
  • Now create a new zip file with only imsmanifest.xml in it
  • Upload this new zip file when creating the lesson
  • Save the lesson
  • Open the same lesson for editing. Get the lesson ID from URL (index.php?option=com_tjlms&view=lesson&layout=edit&id=13&cid=3&mid=4)
  • Login to the server via FTP
  • Navigate to folder media/com_tjlms/lessons/[lesson id from above step] inside the Joomla root
  • You will see a folder with numeric name, Navigate to this folder
  • Upload all the files from the SCORM that you unzipped in the first step