Shika: Coupons


A coupon is used to give the end-user an incentive to enroll for your paid course. For example, you can offer discounts if a certain coupon code is used. This is the coupon interface. Any coupons you create will be shown here.

Create Coupons

To create coupons go to Components > Shika Admin > Coupons and click on . You will be redirected to the Coupon creation page, which has been shown in the screenshot below:

  • Name: Title of the couple
  • Status: Set publication status
  • Code: Add Coupon Code here
  • Value: This field will contain a number. There is no need to specify any variables like (%) here.
  • Value Type: Flat Rate / Percentage


  • Valid from: Specify Start Date.
  • Expires on: Specify End Date. On reaching this date, the coupon will be automatically withdrawn.
  • Max Uses (Overall): Specify the maximum number of times this coupon can be redeemed.
  • Max Uses per User: Specify the maximum users can use this coupon code.
  • Description: Description of the coupon code.
  • Parameters: Additional parameters if any.