Multilingual support in Quiz, Exercise & Feedback lesson types

This multilingual feature is supported in Question TitleQuestion DescriptionAnswer textAnswer Comments & in case of Rating type question, Rating labels are also supported with the language constants.Follow the steps to setup:
  1. Create a new language constant file as en-GB.com_tmt.quiz.ini inside frontend's language/en-GB/ folder
  2. The above file is mandatory because Shika will read all the language constants from the en-GB.com_tmt.quiz.ini file only, so any new language constant must be included first in en-GB.com_tmt.quiz.ini and then in other language's files
  3. Add some language constants to the file and use them while creating questions
  4. Create/Edit Quiz lesson, use the language constants from en-GB.com_tmt.quiz.ini file
  5. Launch the Quiz from the front-end & you are good to go
Now suppose you wish to make this Quiz also available in the French language, just follow the below steps.
  1. Create another language constant file as fr-FR.com_tmt.quiz.ini inside frontend's language/fr-FR/ folder
  2. Copy all the language constants from the en-GB.com_tmt.quiz.ini file and paste them into the fr-FR.com_tmt.quiz.ini file
  3. Similarly, you can follow the same steps for other languages