Jticketing Integration with Shika 1.1.x

1.Jticketing Component

  • Goto the jticketing component and create venue and event.
  • Refer this link for venue and event creation in Jticketing.

2.Shika Settings 

   Shika Admin Panel

  • Goto Shika component.
  • Create course or existing course goto manage material create lesson and select event as lesson format.
  • Select event from the drop-down list which contains all jticketing non-expired( event end date should not be expired) events.

-Include or exclude the jticketing event’s ticket price into Shika course enrollment.

  • If include need to choose the ticket and after saving it get automatically enrolled in the included event with the selected event.


  • If exclude use need’s to book the event’s ticket from the frontend.


Shika Frontend


  • After course enrollment by the user which has the event included, he should able to see the ‘Enter Meeting’ button for the lesson, which has included the online event.