Installation & Upgrade Instructions

System Requirements

Shika works with Joomla 3.x version. ‘Shika’ requires PHP version 5.3 or greater if you don't have you can upgrade it easily by contacting host provider.

Installation & Upgrade Instructions

You can install the “Shika” package using Extension -> Manage option from Joomla admin panel. There are 3 ways to install the package

Upload Package File:

You can upload the package from this option, this will install the package with predefined settings with available options.


Install from Folder:

First, you will need to unzip the extension into its own directory in “tmp” folder, joomla uses 'tmp' in its home directory for installs, it's easiest to use a subdirectory of that to place your installs, then you just add it to the default path presented. Finally, click the "Install" button.


Install from URL:

This will install your extension from any URL, you have to upload a zip copy over there.



The Shika LMS package containing following components:

  • j!Like
  • tjlms: Learning Management system
  • tmt: Test management tool

Along with that, it's having following list of modules and plugins:


  • LMS course Block: Module to show blocks on Course detail page containing course information, course progress etc.(Enabled)
  • LMS Category List: Module to show the Category list (Enabled)
  • LMS Course Display: Module to show the featured/recently added Courses (Disabled)
  • LMS Filters: Module to show the search filters for the Courses (Enabled)


  • System plugins
    • Assets Loader: loads the necessary CSS and JS (Enabled)
    • System tjlms: many triggers in LMS (Enabled)
    • Mailchimp: for newsletter (Disabled)
    • Tjlmsblockregs: not allow user to register on site if user limit exceeds (Disabled)
  • User plugins
    • userlog (Enabled)
    • userredirection: redirect the user to the Dashboard page (Enabled)
  • Content plugins
    • Jlike course: like/dislike button for courses (Enabled)
    • Jlike lesson: like/dislike button for lessons (Enabled)
  • Video plugins
    • Jwplayer: JWPlayer video API (Enabled)
    • Vimeo: Vimeo player video API (Enabled)
    • YouTube: YouTube video player with Iframe API (Enabled)
    • Kpoint: Kpoint Video API (Enabled)
    • Externaltool plugin: LTI Resource External Tool API (Enabled)
    • HTMLzip plugin: HTML5 upload as lesson type plugin (Enabled)
    • SCROM plugin: Nativescorm plugin (Enabled)
    • Document plugin: BoxAPI-Document Viewer API (Enabled)
  • Text media plugin
    • HTMLcreator - Joomla Native Editor plugin (Enabled)
    • Nativeeditor - Drag and Drop Content Builder plugin (Enabled)
  • Search plugin
    • Course search (Enabled)
    • Lesson search (Enabled)
  • Payment plugins
    • 2checkout (Disabled)
    • Alphauserpoints (Disabled)
    • Authorizenet (Disabled)
    • By check (Enabled)
    • Byorder (Enabled)
    • Jomsocialpoints (Disabled)
    • Linkpoint (Disabled)
    • Paypal (Disabled)
    • Paypalpro (Disabled)
    • PayU (Disabled)
  • Tax plugin: Taxation to LMS transactions (Disabled)
  • Dashboard plugins
    • Activity graph (Enabled)
    • Activity list (Enabled)
    • Completed courses count (Enabled)
    • Enrolled courses (Enabled)
    • Enrolled courses count (Enabled)
    • Pending enrolled count (Enabled)
    • Group discussion (Disabled) (Enabled)
    • In-progress courses count (Enabled)
    • Liked courses (Enabled)
    • Liked lesson (Enabled)
    • My discussions (Enabled)
    • My groups (Enabled)
    • Total time spent (Enabled)
    • Recommended courses (Enabled)
  • Reports plugins
    • Attempt report (Enabled)
    • Course report (Enabled)
    • Lesson report (Enabled)
    • Student course report (Enabled)
    • User report (Enabled)