How to setup Shika Search

Please follow the below steps to setup search:

  • On Administrator side, go to Extensions > Module
  • Then click on "New", after which you will see a list of all modules that Joomla is shipped with.
  • Find the one for "Search" and click on it.
  • Now, give the module a title say "Search" (as it is the most suitable term).
  • Select the position to place the module and click on "Save".
  • This will display a search module on the frontend, which will allow you to do a search.
  • On searching, there will be a label that says "Search Only", which gives us the option to search only in particular sections e.g."LMS Courses", "Categories", etc. 
  • All these plugins be configured to be enabled to disabled. To configure these plugins, go to Extensions > Plugins > Select Type as "Search", after which you will get a list of plugins associated with search. You can enable/disable the plugins here.