Documentation for Social Integration

1. Integration with Jomsocial Points:

      In Shika backend  => configuration => Integrate Points with => Jomsocial


With the Installation of shika, We create rules in Jomsocial,they are:

Go to JomSocial  => configurations  => UserPoints

Click on the Rule Scan button shown at the right-hand side. This will refresh the list of rules for new four rules

- > Course enrollment

- > Lesson complition

- > Create a course

- > Complete a course

Please enable each rule and set points for each rule 


2. Integration with Easysocial points:

1) Install Easysocial Rules

     Open backend Easysocial=>User points=>Click on Discover=>Start Scan

2) Enable Easysocial Rules For Shika

   Open backend Easysocial. You will see following four rules.

  -> Complete a course

  -> Create a course

 - > Completed a lesson 

  - > Enrolled a course

   Please enable each rules and set points.