Documentation for Shika 1.3

Lessons As Form

Pick Lesson Type:

With Shika 1.3, we have introduced a single button for lessons and quizzes as shown below

Click on “Create Lesson” and you see all the lesson formats including(quiz,exercise,feedback) in pop-up

Click on icon to choose lesson type

Lesson As Quiz

After you click on Quiz it will show view “Create New Quiz”,  with details tab view that is same as the old one.

Also the time limit tab is same as the old one.

After click on NEXT button, you will land to the third tab- Add Questions. In the versions older than Shika 1.3, we had a “Score and Result” Tab that has been combined with the “Add Questions” tab in Shika 1.3.

Here you can add questions to Sections. By default “Section 1” is already created, for adding an extra section click on “Create Section”

Click on “Add Questions”  to add a new question

And rest of the two buttons “Auto-pick Questions” and “Pick Questions” are to add questions to that particular section.

Total Marks Column will be automatically calculated and you just need to add passing marks.

Click on Save & Close.

Lesson As Exercise

To create exercise, click on the “Exercise” icon

Now exercise view will be open which is same as quiz.

But  you can see there is one additional TAB introduced i.e. Assessment

So for every exercise there will be Assessment.

In assessment we have Assessment Criteria  on basis of which you can evaluate the users.

Title: Enter the Parameter title on the basis you are going to assess users.


You can define your Parameter on the 5 type are below.

  1. Star
  2. Yes/No
  3. Text Input
  4. Checkbox
  5. DropDown

Value: Enter the marks you are going to allot to every parameter.

Weightage: Enter the weightage for any specific parameter if you want to.

Description: Add description about parameter then you can add here.

Allow comment: If kept Yes then it will allow accessor to add comment on every parameter.

Actions: Here you can add,delete and reorder the parameters.

Total marks: Enter the Total marks for the exercise.

Passing marks: Enter the Passing marks for the exercise.

Minimum number of individuals should assess this exercise: Enter the minimum count of assessor are going to assess the exercise for this attempt.

Assessment Grading Criteria: Which criteria should be considered for grading assessment.

If selected Average of all then grading will be calculated by average of all the assessor's score.

Click and save the exercise.

Lesson As Feedback

To create feedback, click on the “Feedback” icon

It will act same as quiz but there will be no total marks or passing marks.


Question Bank : We have introduced 4 new Question Types excluding MCQ & MRQ.     

1) File Upload



2) Subjective - Text Input        


3) Subjective - Text Area  


4) Rating


Create Menu in back panel as shown below to show assessment list on front panel.

Check for Shika config>> Permission >> to assign permission to desired users for access to Assessment list.

Assessment: If Allowed , then assessor is able review assessment once.

This view you can seen is front panel after creating the menu



Edit Own Assessment: If Allowed , then users can Edit their own evaluated assessment.


Edit All Assessment: If Allowed, then users can edit everyone’s assessments.

No. of Assessments submitted column will get a link with score, click there and you can see everyone’s assessment.

Front Panel view for Student:

If student has given the Quiz(if it includes subjective/File Upload/ rating )/Exercise then status of lesson changes to Assessment Pending and it goes to assessor for review.

Front Panel view for Assessor to review.


Click on  >> Assess , you can see below view with different parameters

Now you gets two options that is you can Draft or Submit  assessment

Draft: you can save as draft  student’s/users assessment in middle of evaluating.

Submit: Once you click on submit Score started to publish to Student/users.

Below are the parameter on basis you are going to give score.


One star represent one mark and soon.


Yes represent correct marks and user gets 2marks else zero

Text Input:

You can simply use as textbox to add marks

Check Box:


If checkbox ticked then users gets 5 marks


Drop Down:



If selected 4 in drop down users gets 4 marks.