Social Integration - Take Ecommerce Social With Quick2Cart

Quick2Cart features a very tight Social Integration with JomSocial to help you take your E-commerce system Social. Here's a Quick look at what all the Social Integration does.

A] Social Integration

1. Sell from your Profile with our Stores & Products profile Plugins for JomSocial/ Easysocial

For Easysocial:

For EasySocial, you have to enable My product and My Purchase application from Easysocial -> Application manager

My products:


 My Purchases:



For Jomsocial:

We offer 2 plugins - A Profile Stores plugin & a Profile Products plugin to show your products & stores right there on your profile with links to your full stores. 10151782014946067 980162072 n

2.  Activity Stream Integration

The following activities are automatically pushed to the EasySocial  or JomSocial Profile

  • User Created a New Store
  • User added a New product to store
  • User bought a product from store

For JomSocial: 

For EasySocial:

Easysocial activity stream integration


JomSocial Notifications Integration

A. Native JomSocial notifications for store owners

  • User Bought a product from your store
  • Low Stock Notifications for product

B. Native JomSocial Notifications for Customers

  • Your Friend bought a Product from a store
  • Person from your group bought a product from a store 10151782014831067 905159439 n

B] Menus in JomSocial Toolbar

Easy access to Store related menus in the JomSocial toolbar

js toolbar



 B] JLike Integration for Products

If you have JLike then you can optionally integrate JLike to let users like your products. Since Jlike integrates with JS Activity stream, this adds an additional Social Angle. 10151782014761067 610067080 n

C] SocialAds Promote Plugin

Tight integration with SocialAds to let you easily create Ads for your products to promote them on your Social Network & overall site.

D] Future Social Integrations

  • Broadcast integration to Push updates to Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn
  • Community Builder Integration


E] Integrating Easysocial Points / JomSocial Points with Quick2cart

For point integration, please refer the link.