Reports and Payouts for a vendor

Payouts against a vendor

The payouts feature is available only for the administrator but the reports can be viewed by the administrator as well as the vendor(from the front end).

For the user to view the reports from the front end Go to menu -> main menu -> TJvendor->Choose Reports menu (For a user to view his reports)

The vendor will be creating events and there will be orders against the events so the administrator now needs to give away the money to the vendors taking away his commission. The commission can be vendor-specific i.e if the commission is set for the vendor or else there is a global commission set.

Payout list of a vendor.

The payouts list view gives you the information of the paid up to date amount as well as the pending amount.

The money of the vendors needs to be given by the site administrator and a record for the same needs to be kept. Here is the introduction of payouts and reports. The payout generation is done to give away the payout i.e the money vendor has earned from its event. The payout money is auto generated for a particular vendor after a successful order. The site administrator now can pay the total amount generated for the vendor or he can make a partial payment and can also set the payout status as paid or unpaid.

Payout form view(To give away payout)

The reports carry the credit and the debit transactions. The credit transactions are the successful orders and the debit transactions are the payouts done by the site administrator.

The reports can be seen by the site administrator as well as the vendor. The site administrator can see reports of all the vendors. The reports give you a view of the pending amount to be paid, the total paid amount and the total amount earned by the vendor from the events that it has created.